When Your Future Is On The Line, Experience Matters. Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Kansas City Can Help

When challenging criminal charges of any kind, the experience of your criminal defense attorney matters. Your long-term interests, personal freedom and future opportunities are at stake, and we believe you deserve a legal ally who is committed to helping secure a beneficial outcome on your behalf. At the Spradlin Kennedy Law Firm, we know what it takes to confront a wide range of criminal charges, such as drug, DUI & DWI, domestic assault, violent crimes, and traffic & municipal violations.

Attorneys Tracy Spradlin and Dan Kennedy offer both personal attention and aggressive advocacy for Missouri and Kansas residents facing criminal charges. Tracy Spradlin’s experience in the City Prosecutor’s Office in Kansas City helped her gain knowledge of how prosecutors prepare their cases. Dan Kennedy’s background as an attorney for the Department of Revenue has given him valuable training on how to overcome administrative license suspensions on DUI/DWIs. Both of our Kansas City criminal defense lawyers employ their experience to the benefit our clients, representing each one with care, respect and a passion for personal rights. You can learn more about our legal team and their background by clicking on the links below:

Kansas City Criminal Defense Attorneys Fighting For The Best Possible Outcome

Statue of Lady Justice against the blue sky. Our criminal defense lawyers in Kansas City know that your personal freedom and future job opportunities are on the line if you’re facing DUI or drug charges and bring years of valuable experience to the table.

We believe each person deserves to have a strong advocate protecting their rights. We will make sure you get your day in court and the opportunity to present the most effective case. Our goal is to pursue a favorable resolution that allows you to move on with your life. We are honest and thorough, explain your options and help you make decisions that are truly in your best interests.

Tracy Spradlin and Dan Kennedy have spent years fighting cases for people just like you. We know the system from the inside out, and we will work diligently to provide a thoughtful and carefully prepared defense. Our criminal lawyers in Kansas City are client-focused and results-driven, no matter the nature of the case against you.

You Can Learn About Your Criminal Defense Options Today

Our Kansas City criminal defense attorneys offer free initial case evaluations. Contact our Kansas City office today at 816-659-2431 or email our office to make your appointment to speak with a lawyer about your defense options.


Dan went above and beyond for me. He exceeded every expectation was honest, efficient and cares about the clients he defends. I couldn’t have made a better decision choosing him to defend me. Knowing he is in my corner gives me relief because there is nobody better. If you are in need of legal advice or looking for representation calling Dan is one of the best decisions you can make.

Eric B

Tracy is extraordinary! I could not give a higher recommendation for anyone in need of legal assistance.

Tyler M.

Dan is the man. He’s had years of experience and if you follow what he tells you everything else will fall in place. Dan is a wonderful attorney. The Best!!!!!!! I wished I met Dan long before now!!!!

Lonnie S.

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