Tips for Expunging a Criminal Record in Missouri

Tips for Expunging a Criminal Record in Missouri

It is likely unusual to meet someone who claims that there is not some mistake that he or she made in the past. For some this could be relatively minor, such as the decision to go to college, but for others, a mistake could have significant, long-term ramifications, especially if it results in criminal charges and a conviction. Fortunately, some people in Missouri who have been convicted of a crime may have the option of seeking an expungement.

An expungement is a tool that could allow you to seal a record of conviction. However, it only applies to certain crimes. For example, those who only have a single conviction of DWI that happened 10 years earlier may be a candidate. Additionally, certain nonviolent offenders, such as those convicted of drug offenses, may also be successful in their pursuit of this option.

A criminal conviction follows people around for the rest of their lives. It could inhibit the types of jobs they can get or even their housing options. Fortunately for some, a conviction does not have to be a permanent mark. The attorneys at Spradlin Kennedy Law Firm may be able to help those who feel like they may be a candidate for expungement.

Our expungement attorneys will carefully examine the details of your case. We can help those who meet the criteria request that the Missouri court grant an expungement. Doing so often allows those who made a mistake in their past and paid the price continue with their life without further ramifications.

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