Missouri Teen Faces Felony Drug Charges After Football Game

Missouri teen faces felony drug charges after football game

It is sometimes hard to predict what behavior someone might deem to be suspicious. In fact, what may seem to be suspicious to some may be an innocuous action. As such, civilian suspicions alone are not sufficient to prompt an arrest. Despite this, a teenager in Missouri now faces felony drug charges following events that allegedly occurred at a high school football game.

The events that led to the 18-year-old female’s arrest reportedly began when a witness claims to have witnessed what he or she suspected was drug activity; it is unclear what exactly the witness reported observing. That person is said to have alerted authorities, who conducted an investigation. Police responded to the concerns at approximately 10 p.m.

According to reports, law enforcement officers found several different types of pills in the young woman’s possession. The pills, police claim, were all controlled substances. The woman now faces three counts of distributing a controlled substance in a protected location, a felony.

Unfortunately, the felony drug charges filed against the Missouri teenager are serious and will likely have serious ramifications if she is convicted. Even people with more experience in life often find criminal charges to be overwhelming and feel a great deal of uncertainty regarding their options. As such, most people in a similar situation want a Missouri criminal defense attorney with experience with such cases to guide them throughout the criminal justice system. With such a professional on their side, defendants typically feel more confident in their ability to make the decisions that may impact the rest of their lives.

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